Do You Know What Threats are Hiding in Your Network?


Cybersecurity Professional

My goal is to provide actionable information on Cyber Security.
CyberSecurity is something we all must consider now. If you have Alexa, Google, or Siri it doesn't matter. You probably have them to control a smart device. Leaving your smart device with default settings is just like going on vacation and leaving the key under the mat. Everyone knows how to get in.
Just as we wouldn't leave for work with our Front Door open, We shouldn't leave our computers open at work with the screen unlocked. Security is a state of mind.
Being aware of the potential risks and threats in the digital world is the first step towards better cybersecurity. Everyone, from individuals to employees in organizations, should be educated about the importance of security and trained on best practices.

Strong, unique passwords are crucial. Use a password manager to help generate and store complex passwords for different accounts.

Whenever possible, enable MFA for your accounts. This adds an extra layer of security beyond just a password.

Cybersecurity is not a one-time effort; it's an ongoing process. New threats and vulnerabilities emerge regularly, so staying vigilant and adapting your security practices to the evolving landscape is essential.

Experienced and Responsive

Understanding of common cyber threats and attack vectors.

Experience with endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.

Proficiency with security information and event management (SIEM) systems.

Knowledge of cybersecurity frameworks and best practices

Proficiency in incident detection, investigation, and containment.

Experience with incident response frameworks (e.g., NIST IR framework).

Industry Certified







Strong understanding of network protocols and architecture.

Ability to analyze network traffic for anomalies and signs of compromise.

Familiarity with various operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Understanding of security configurations and hardening techniques.

Understanding of vulnerability assessment tools and processes.

Ability to assess and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation.
About Me

You have to Keep It Moving

The WGU program requires you to pass a bunch of industry certifications as part of the Degree Program. Some Classes you pass by obtaining the industry certification that class is based on. This is one concrete way to prove that you have acquired the knowledge needed to participate in part of the industry without the need for remedial training. Some of the certs are easy enough if you have the relevant experience. That is the key. For me, only a few of the exams were really hard. I have had some of the CompTia certifications before, so getting them again wasn't so daunting for me. For people taking these exams for the first time, they were nerve recking. They were pretty tough to me when I first took them too.

WGU won't accept a certification that is over 5 years old, so I had to get them all again. I did the complete WGU program in 17 months I may say that a few times during this writing because A. I just did it, and B. I'm really proud of that accomplishment.

My WGU Review

I am DJames617. The Ne'er-do-well Nerd. I am a Cybersecurity Professional living in the Boston area. I am a recent graduate of Western Governor's University. I have a BSCSIA Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

I love to learn. I think that's why I enjoyed the WGU experience. I think WGU is great, but it is definitely not for everyone. One of the most attractive WGU offerings was the ability to do as many classes as I could. The more courses I finished in a term, the less the degree costs.

That structure allowed me to finish courses at a furious rate. I didn't finish the courses quickly because the content was easy, I finished them quickly because I was alredy familiar with the content. The hardest part for me was trying to figure out exactly how they wanted me to present the information. After demonstrating proficiency by obtaining an industry certification, writing a paper, or passing an exam you move on to the next course. If you are already proficient in the subject matter you can test out of the class without going through all of the course material. Test out of a class on the first day? Yes Please.
The industry certifications that I got as part of my degree were also challenging. Those are the courses that I spent the most time on. WGU provides vouchers to take required certification exams as part of your program. You get 2 attempts at the exam that WGU will pay for, but if you fail twice you have to pay to take the exam after that. The certification exams cost up to $750.00USD or more and I didn't want to to waste the vouchers. Obtaining the certification is still required to finish the program. I used 1 retake voucher. My dog came into the room while I was testing and invalidated my test. You can take the test from home, but the online proctors are terrorists. They will invalidate your test for almost any infraction. Be sure your testing area is in a place where you won't be disturbed if you don't want to take the test again.

I have been in the IT feild for over 20 years. Some of the concepts were basic to me, but I do remember the first time I tried to ingest some of that stuff. It was hard. Only after using those concepts over and over again did it become familiar. Since the concepts were familiar I was less nervous during the exam. I think that made it easier to deal with the proctors.

This is one reason why WGU may not work for everyone. There was no traditional classes. If you need to learn something, you are going to struggle a bit more. There are resources you can use to get answers if you don't have the experience, but I was able to apply my practical knowledge to the course material. If you don't have that experience, the time you spend learning will negate your ability to finish courses quickly. If you don't finish the courses quickly, you end up paying more overall for the program. Most people aren't great at teaching themselves complex topics, that's why teachers exist.

The course instructors at WGU are there to guide, not to tell. They are industry professionals themselves and they want you to learn. They will put you on the right track, but do not expect them to directly answer your questions. They will more or less confirm that you are on the right track, but I found getting a concrete answer to "Is this right" to be quite challenging.

People have noticed that I finished quickly and they want to do the same. When they ask me about WGU I tell them I think it's a good idea but don't do what I did. I try to steer them away from the program I completed.

But DJames617, Why would you do that?
Because the courses will be much harder for them than it would be for me. I don't want to see someone follow me and fail.

Most people don't like the WGU format. I saw tons of complaints on Reddit when I was studying. I'm not sure how much support people were expecting from a fully online program, but they didn't get it apparrently.
A family member just finised freshman year at a traditional school. We started at the same time. Before they go back to school for softmore year, I had finished. djames617The inevitable conversation of "do you think I could do that?" came up. The answer is "Not really."

That being said the answer was no because they don't have the experience I do, but WGU offers many different degree programs. Your success in any of the program offerings is going to depend on your existing knowledge and your overall dedication to completing your program.

WGU offer's many degree plans that include technical and non-techical programs. The master's degree is on the list for me now. Master's degree programs are typically more specialized and focused than bachelor's degree programs. They build on the foundational knowledge and skills acquired during undergraduate studies. This means that the coursework in a master's program can be more challenging in terms of depth and complexity.

The master's degree program will be shorter in duration than bachelor's degree program, considering that I already have a certification to cover all of the certification courses in the masters program; however the condensed timeline may require more intensive study and commitment during that period.

For me, the perception of whether a master's degree is easier or more challenging than a bachelor's degree can varies from minute to minute. What's most important for me to consider is my own strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals when deciding when to start to pursue a master's degree. I only finished my BS a month ago.

My Icons

Meet the Peeps

These are the people that get me out of bed when I wouldn't get up for myself.

Madison Makes Me Smile

Leo The Good Boy

Who is the best boy. Leo is the best boy.

Places I want to go

Before I go, these are some places I'd like to go.


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal

Lisbon is also one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, with a history of 2,700 years. Due to its excellent trading location, the Phoenicians settled in Lisbon around 1200 BC. The city is the second oldest in Europe, after Athens, and is said to be four centuries older than Rome.

The city is known for its monuments, landmarks, architecture, and museums. But it also has a lot of modern-day charm.

Being a politically stable, progressive, and liberal city, Lisbon is amongst the safest capital cities of Europe.

Lisbon is home to the oldest bookstore in the world, the Livraria Bertrand, which opened in 1782. Then there is the Mosteiro dos Jerònimos built in the early 1500s. The monastery, located in the Belem district, is one of the most decorated churches in Portugal. It is also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then there are the churches, the Sé de Lisboa, built in 1147, and the Convento do Carmo, built between 1389 – 1423.


Paris is the capital of France.

I was actually in France once, but it was a very short stay and I didn't get to enjoy the country at all. I definitely want to go back there again.

Weirdly enough the French used to rule over England for a while. William the Conqueror conquered England in 1066. Following his crowning as King of England William began handing out the lands that had belonged to English aristocrats to Norman-French Barons and others who had fought with him. The new Anglo-Norman-French aristocrats built castles on their new land, their cooks were Norman-French or French while the kitchen help was Anglo-Saxon. The cooked meats and cooked poultry names were taken from the Norman-French which the cooks used. However, the live animals were the responsibility of the English kitchen help and the farmers. So livestock names remained in the German-based Anglo-Saxon English.

  • French Bœuf - Beef - English Kuh - Cow
    The English cow is now only used to refer to the animal, not the cooked meat
  • Frech Jambon – Ham - English Schwein, Swinan - Swine
    We use a French derivation of the Jambon to get ham. Thank goodness. A swine sandwich just doesn't sound as appealing.
  • French Mouton – Mutton - English Chase - Sheep
    Did the English just name the food after what the did to catch it? Can you imagine having Chase chops for dinner?
  • French Porc – Pork - English Bigge - Pig
    Seriously? Let's try it out. Bigge chops. Pulled bigge. Bigge and beans. Naw, just doesn't flow off the tounge.
  • French Poulet – Pullet or chicken English Huhn – Hen
    From the French word we get Poultry. Judging from the difference in linguistics, I'm glad the French were in charge of the food.
  • French Venesoun/Venaison - Venison English Deor -Deer
    At this point I'm convinced and glad the French won that confrontation. They may not have had many recent military victories, but I'm glad they had that one.
  • Tokyo

    Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

    The largest metropolitan area on the planet. Also the scene of some of my favorite video games, movies, and anime. If I ever get the chance, I am going there.


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